I always enjoyed shopping for myself. Be it online or on the high street. But lets's face it, those days are now long gone. Is it okay to say I am slightly relieved? I'm in my thirties now and keeping it classic feels much better than having to rush out to buy into all the latest trends. Plus, Yeezys just wouldn't suit me.

I now get my fashion fix from picking out outfits for my son. I go through all the kids clothing sites regularly and i have to admit i get a little excited when he's outgrowing things or when the weather starts to change so it gives me an excuse to do some online ordering. But do you know what kills me? Knowing that the clothes will NEVER look as good as they do when they arrived, or are first worn, ever again! #messytoddlers

With autumn/winter in full effect i thought i'd share some of my favourite pieces that i have bought for him.


I'm a self confessed Zara Kids addict. They just do really cool, affordable clothes for kids. They are that little bit different from the Next style clothes. Saying that, i recently became a Next convert (see further down below!)


Organic, super soft, stretchy leggings are my favourite. They are a little more expensive than the Zara equivalent but they are a nice treat. Really nice designs that have been copied by so many!


I haven't really ever got much in Next for him. Apart from plain white vests... they do good vests. But recently we popped in for emergency wellies as the ones he was wearing got a little too wet and were filled with water... (over enthusiastic puddle jumping, naughty daddies for not putting him a rain suit). We picked up some really cool wellies AND saw this shirt there too which i had to get as I have one similar...!

What are your favourite kids clothes brands? Shout about any of the good ones i should check out!