Hi I'm Tom. I'm 35 and i am a dad to my wonderful son. An adoptive dad. A gay dad. Or maybe just a dad?

I was just 17 when i met my (now) husband though we didn't get married for a quite a while after meeting. We've been through it all together. College, various career moves, flat moves, house moves... 16 years later still going strong.

Spending most of my 20's eating out all weekend and enjoying city breaks, it was when i was nearing 30 that I knew I wanted to be a dad. I liken it to that moment women are known to have... you know, when their body clock just 'PINGS!' and they need a baby. That was me.

Together my husband, Daniel, and I embarked on the adoption journey. It wasn't as terrible as I had been led to believe it could've been. Nine months later in the process, we saw a photo of our baby boy. He was ten months old and we knew we were looking at our son. In that moment life changed forever.

I'm still me. Still into music, food, taking a million pictures every day, (unfortunately no more TV, i'm resigned to catch up TV if i am lucky!) and of course sharing my tales of parenthood. But first and foremost come my two boys. My weekends no longer mean lie ins and breakfast in bed... they mean being woken up at 5am with my son running into my bedroom  and watching Peppa Pig and toy unboxing videos on YouTube on repeat until the coffee has kicked in.



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