I know being a gay, single or adoptive dad might not be the 2.4 that many people are used to. And I welcome questions. Sometimes they are very sincere and those asking want to know about the journey and how we came to be a family. And then sometimes they are just plain crazy from random strangers in the supermarket. I am (most of the time) polite... but sometimes i just want to answer with the below...

  1. What's it like being a gay dad? Pretty much the same as being, you know, A DAD!
  2. What if your child is gay? You say it like it's a bad thing...?
  3. Your child could be straight, how will you handle that being gay yourself? I don't know. I mean... just the thought of a man and woman together? It's simply bizarre!
  4. Where did you get the baby from? Oh we just placed an order online. 
  5. Aren't you worried that your child will be bullied? I'm hoping parents today will raise their children to be tolerant of diversity and different shaped families.
  6. What does your son call you? Um... Daddy?
  7. So, which one is the mum? *silence*
  8. What about his 'real' parents? *silence and gritted teeth*
  9. I know a gay couple who adopted, you might know them... Sure, we're all part of the same 'I'm gay and want to be a dad' club.
  10. Don't you think he needs a mum/female figure? This is why all gay/single dads are gods amongst men. They have to fulfil the masculine and the feminine role. The softer, nurturing mother and the wrestle buddy, rough housing daddy. It ain't easy!!

The end.

Have you ever been asked questions related to being a gay/straight/bi/trans/single/alien parent that you had no idea how to respond to? Please share, i'd love to hear them!

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