It’s coming up to that time of year! The leaves are turning a beautiful orange, the shops are full with pumpkin-spiced everything and you can’t move for fake spiders, skeletons and baby Dracula outfits! It’s Halloween!!

Now I usually wait til October before even thinking about all the fun that autumn has to offer. Halloween and bonfire night are big nights in this family! Any excuse to dress up and blow up some gunpowder eh?

I think the UK has really taken on board the fanfare of the Americans when it comes to Halloween. Over the years I have noticed it gets bigger and more colourful and more of an event. And I secretly love it. The shops are full, everyone dresses up and there’s even parties for the kiddies.

Last year we took our boy trick or treating for the first time with his cousins around the neighbourhood. It was nice and early, but it was dark and some of the neighbours really went for it! Smoke machines and lights outside the house, zombies walking around… He wasn’t phased. He just wanted to knock those doors and get “teeties” as he called them…! This year he’s dressing, aptly, as a little devil. I can’t wait!


We like to get in the mood nice and early and get the pumpkins carved. But we don’t really want to be all grim, gruesome and scary so we thought carving Bing's lovely, familiar face into the pumpkin is a good way of getting him involved. If you’re little one likes Bing, you can get your very own pumpkin template here.


He honestly had so much fun doing this (and naturally got quite messy). But that’s what it’s all about, getting him involved. He’s got years ahead of him to get dressed up with mates and get all gory and have fake blood pouring from his eyes…  If you have fun at Halloween and get involved, it’s got to be age appropriate and let’s face it, the kids love dressing up and getting their favourite cartoon character involved is a bonus! Plus, any opportunity for ‘teeties’ is a winner.

If you head to www.bingbunny.com and visit the ‘Makes’ section you will find so many fun, easy things you can do with your little one. We’ve done a couple now and it’s just one of those things that you can whip out when you feel you’ve explored every single activity the house has to offer, it’s getting colder outside and this is just something else that might keep them quiet for another two, maybe three, minutes…

OK, now my little boy wasn't going to be able to carve out a lovely looking Bing just yet at aged three and with a plastic toy knife from his kitchen set, but i am excited to see his face when he see's our best effort below!



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