So, the time has come. We're making the transition from cot to bed. 

He has just turned three and I've read/heard that that this age is quite late for children to still be in a cot. But I remember a friend of mine telling me a while back that the best thing they did was to leave it until their son was three before making the transition and that piece of information just stuck with me. As we all know, every child is different (did you read my post on development milestones?) and as parents we do things our right way. And we all feel ready now, that's the main thing. I think leaving it until now has helped really embed into him that his cot/bed is a place to sleep. But we are yet to make the switch... so I am writing this in a very hopeful state of mind!

To help with the switch my lovely friend, Vikki at Acosy Bumpers, sent us a cot bed bumper and extra deep fitted sheet. The bumpers are designed to keep children safe and reassured in their big beds. The bumper sits on the mattress edge and is secured in place by the fitted bottom sheet. This is a massive requirement for us as my son is in a different position every time I go and check in on him.


He has always loved his sleep and has never attempted to get out of his cot thank god. We've stayed in hotels and family members houses in different pop-up cots... every time, he conks right out. So i am feeling confident about this. I think we are the ones feeling it, so the more we just chill out and bite the bullet, the better. There is also an emotionally led factor in this. There will be no more cot. It’s just another sign he is growing up and there is nothing we can do (nor would we want to) to stop it… on Friday night we both took him up to bed. We’re so ridiculous!! But it felt like we had to both be a part of the ‘last night of going to bed in a cot’. So Saturday afternoon, we took down the sides, added his headboard, popped the Acosy Bumper onto the edge and fitted the sheet to make it all snug. Everything was ready, we let him see the bed, have a play, get a feel for it. Then it was bath, story time and bed...



I can't really believe i am writing this. Night one. He fell asleep within ten minutes.

He never fails to amaze me and he always takes everything in his stride. It's now 11pm on Saturday night and there's been no getting out, no realising this new-found freedom and running around his room. I know leaving him in a cot til three years old could be seen as crazy, but I am putting it down to being one of the reasons this transition has been so successful. Our bedtime routine is so tight and he knows it so well. I think having a solid, not to be messed with, bedtime routine has also definitely helped.

I am writing this feeling so relieved. This was always such a big milestone for us (in our heads). Now we can tick it off. Yes, it is only night one and I am wondering how long he’ll stay in bed in the morning before realising he can just jump out… but I don’t think I mind about that. It’s his room, he can get up and play, or shout for us, I don’t mind. Having the cot meant he knew if he stirred too early or if he didn’t fancy getting up himself, he’d just chill in the cot and drift back to sleep. Now knowing he can get out and play with his toys or pull all the nappies out of the drawer means he probably won’t lay in ever again! Let's see what tomorrow morning brings.

The morning after…

Who was a good boy this morning?! He woke up at half six singing to himself, I slowly got myself up, popped downstairs, put the kettle on and then went into his room… then, and only then, did he sit up and jump out of bed. I was beaming at 6:30am (which never happens at 6:30am!). I even got in the bed (surprised to find it took my weight) and we had cuddles, not before making sure Tinky Winky, Dipsy, La La and Po were in the bed too… get it right Daddy!

This was just what I wanted to wake up to. I am putting this down to waiting. HE was ready. We didn’t force anything just because we felt it was time or because we were told to by professionals. If babies are ready and showing signs to make the switch at 15 months? Great! Go for it. I am so glad we waited after having a first night like last night. What’s even more crazy is we thought we’d be saying goodbye to afternoon naps now, as they were always a bit touch and go anyway. But after a hair cut in town followed by a celebratory brunch today, he is now sparko in his bed. Again, not saying this will be an everyday occurrence, but I am feeling so proud and blessed to have such a clever boy. He just takes it all as it comes and it proves, yet again, that if we just wait and be guided by him… these things could go swimmingly without the forced pressure we put on ourselves.

When I went into his room in the morning, the bumper was still in place and i know it 100% added to helping him feel secure. He rolls around a lot in his bed so he would’ve rubbed against the bumper numerous times… and that meant he didn’t fall out which is the result you want. I am genuinely so thrilled to have been able to use this during the switch to the bed. It’s protecting him from falling out and I think it gives him that little perception that he’s 'tucked in', like when he was in the cot and that he can’t just roll out. 

We definitely needed the extra deep fitted sheet as our current fitted mattress sheets only go around the mattress, with the bumper you’ll need the sheets to go with it so it’s all snug and comfortable for them. 

Signing off this post now as i can hear him waking up from his afternoon nap... Yet another milestone accomplished.

Next- Potty Training! Mmm.... maybe we'll wait for summer for that one.


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