Dear nursery,

I know it may have only been six months, but what a six months. And I want to say thank you. For every laugh, every cuddle, every game, every song, every walk, every new thing learnt and every single bit of support you have shown my son. He's putting on and taking off his own shoes now, learning to take turns and he's even dancing. We love the dancing. He maybe off to a new nursery in September but this place holds such a special place in our hearts.

You must know how hard this was for us. We probably made that clear with all the questions and phone calls we made checking to see how he was. Our baby. Our pride and joy. Handing him over suddenly one day to you to start his journey at nursery. That first morning we were basically dropping him off to ‘strangers’. But within days, he had fallen in love with you all. He’d get home and be telling us all about his day in his own little language. We knew we had made the right choice straight away and we proudly display every piece of artwork he creates and sing the songs he’s learnt.

He had a little blip after a couple months where he didn’t want us to leave in the morning and it was really hard. But your help and support was so genuine and caring and you made it that little bit easier for us to drop him off. Now he runs in and I have to force a kiss and a cuddle goodbye. Thank you for all your patience and hard work. I don't think i ever really thought about how this would make me feel. He's had a big change in his life already when he came home to us. But he has made the most amazing friends and there is nothing better than seeing him stroll in to play at the start of the day and then hug every one goodbye when i pick him up.

I know tomorrow he won’t really know that he’s leaving for good and that the cuddle he gives you will be his last. That’s what makes this hard. He doesn’t really know that he won’t be going back on Monday. But every night, as I open the fridge to get him his milk, he sees the picture of the nursery class on the fridge door and every night he points to you all and says your names. We’ll keep it there so he doesn’t forget you all. So he doesn’t forget the fun he had. Doesn’t forget the comfort you gave him in a time of transition for him. And if you’re ever at risk of forgetting him and his ways, just remember him singing his favourite song and pretending he’s holding a cake… “Happy buuuurtday dooo youuuuu”.

Off he goes onto his next adventure after such a beautiful start from you all.

Thank you. So much. xxx