Style… I believe this is like art, so subjective and I truly believe clothes have the power to make you feel a certain way. For me, I like to feel comfortable. No, I need to feel comfortable. This is probably why I’ve never gotten on well with suits and tight collars and ties. It’s suffocating. Not to say they don’t serve a purpose and suits are a great look for occasions but ninety percent of the time you’ll find me in jeans, dad sneakers and a comfortable sweatshirt. The other ten percent? Sweats.

At the office the dress code is still quite casual but I like to make sure I always wear a shirt to sort of make that distinction between being at home/out with the family and being at work. I don’t think I ever wear shirts outside of work. Maybe soft, flannel, casual shirts every now and then but that’s about it. A loose shirt with shorts in the summer is also a good look, but mainly I wear them in the office.


It took me time to really know what worked for me and what suited my shape, the colours that compliment my skin and hair and what NOT to wear. I used to head to the high street and buy into every trend, I was young! I had no real idea on what suited me or what worked, I just went with it. And my god, there were some serious disasters, of which will never see the light of day now…

Jeans are a staple for me, I must own about six different pairs. Black, light blue, medium blue, dark blue, grey… always slim fit too. No one wants a baggy pant but also, I’m a thirty four year old man blessed with the thighs of a rugby player… I have genuinely never been able to pull a pair of skinny jeans over my legs. It ain’t happening! (trust me I tried). These M&S jeans are in medium blue and a leg length of 29 inches, perfect for the cropped look. I love a cropped leg, with a little ankle or sock on display and I always found 32 leg or even 30 I’d have to roll them up so much which can make them a bit bulky. I think I have found my happy place at 29 inch leg!


The oxford shirt is another staple for me. I’m just not a fan of the smart, sharp looking shirts. Oxford shirts let you put that casual spin on a smarter look. They’re often softer, buttoned down at the collar and are fairly relaxed so can be worn tucked in or not, which I like. This shirt is perfect for a day in the office or even a date night. 


As for shoes… well I believe shoes finish off an outfit and you know the old saying? “You can tell a lot about a man by the shoes that he wears.” I would be in pumps all day every day if I could but there is something nice about popping on some suede Chelsea boots or dessert shoes. Again, I really don’t go down the route of too smart. Shiny brogues just aren’t for me.  I think I last wore shiny, proper shoes at my wedding! Can you tell I’m not about the smart life? These Chelsea shoes with the jeans just makes the look that little more smarter than all casual. But equally I’d say wearing them with say some chinos or trousers will also work.

I honestly haven’t thought how M&S could compliment my wardrobe before now. I’ve always been driven by what I am used to but I am so glad I got the chance to sample an outfit from the guys at M&S, it works for me and ultimately I felt comfortable… and that’s good in my book! Check out the M&S guide to denim here!