I remember the day we met you like it was yesterday.

Since then we’ve had so many adventures, ups and downs, early starts and middle of the night wake ups. We’ve had coughs, colds and an A&E dash when you got a couple of peas stuck up your nose. We celebrated your second birthday. And your third. Then your fourth. And here we are, planning your fifth.

I look back at photos and every single one feels like it was taken yesterday. I remember where we were. The outfit you were wearing. The food we ate. I remember it all and I hope that I never forget. Parenting doesn’t come without it’s challenges. And we have had our fair share and am sure there’s more to come. But I’d go through them all again, ten times or more,  if it still meant I’d get to have you as my son and get to tuck you into bed at the end of the day.

I don’t know where the time goes. You started school last summer and before I could blink we’ve had Christmas and now we’re onto your fifth birthday. You’re so excited and you loved handing out your invites to all your friends. Whenever we ask you who you want to come to your party you say “Harry”. It’s an enchanted forest themed party, I think we’re going to dress you up as a knight (or maybe a monster?). I probably haven’t got many years left of getting away with this have I? If any. Next year you’ll be six. You’ll probably want to go bowling or go karting and just like that my ‘baby’ will be gone. Truth is, the baby you has been gone for a long time. When we took you out of your cot and popped you into a big boy bed, you were no longer my baby. When you stopped wearing nappies, you were no longer my baby. When I dropped you off at the nursery door when you were three and you ran in to play with your friends, you were no longer my baby. 

But please understand, you’ll always be my baby. Even the day you come and tell me that you’re having a baby. You’ll still be mine. So as I sit here, scouring Pinterest for party bag ideas and cake designs, hopefully you’re reading this when you’re a little older knowing your dad loves you so very much and just wants to make it so special for you. And he is having a mental breakdown at the fact his baby is in fact, going to five years old in a minute.

Love you,

Daddy x