We are all told so many wonderful clichés before becoming parents. Jeez, even I bang on about them to my pregnant/soon to be parent friends now that I am a dad. They are clichés because they are TRUE. In my life before kids, I would not have had any clue about the below, but now… they are just standard parts of my life. What have I learnt a year and a half in?

1. You'll accept that every item of clothing you wear will become dirty/stained within ten minutes. Whereas before you could go a WHOLE DAY (shock!) in the same outfit. Even your beautiful Ultra HD TV Panasonic will have finger prints all over it from an overzealous toddler wanting to actually live inside Bing’s world…

2. You'll feel a tiny piece of rage when your friends tell you about their midday lie in, when your lay in this morning was until 7am.  

3. You'll prepare (from scratch sometimes!) delicious, fresh meals for your child only to be told 'No' or get it thrown at you. Even yummy hot choc recipes you create will either be wasted or left to go cold. (You could always mop up the scraps for yourself… I do).

4. You have never known strength like a toddler who doesn't want to get in their car seat. 

5. Your child may well find that one TV show that they are obsessed with and you will know every single word of every single episode until BBC iPlayer add more episodes...

But would I trade it all in to have my old life back? Not a single chance. My mind is now filled with a million different concerns/worries/beautiful images… but I wouldn’t say no to just one morning where I get to sit in bed with a hot coffee just leisurely waking up on my own accord. Maybe in ten years time?

What is the biggest thing you have learnt since becoming a parent? Let me know in the comments below!

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