I am a dad in major need of some down time. I mean, aren't we all?

I feel the first quarter of this year has kicked my ass. From Christmas/New Year to planning and hosting my son’s 3rd birthday party, to sorting out nurseries, needing to buy a new car... there's just been a lot going on. Not to mention working full time in a pretty demanding job and basically trying to keep a handle on life!

So when i was offered the chance to take up a massage at The Massage Company in Camberley, I of course said "Yes" before they could finish the sentence. The Massage Company offer a different approach to the normal ‘one-off treat’ so commonly associated with massage. They aim to offer more regular sessions at affordable prices. There are different options and price plans available which I hadn’t experienced before.

I love massages and was quite the regular visitor to have my body pummelled before becoming a dad. But never often enough (or so I felt!). Now, I am lucky if I get a 20 second foot massage from my husband. So I was very much looking forward to this!

I arrived a good 15 minutes before hand where the reception team greeted me. You can tell the place is new, it's so clean. For me, when you have a spa day or a treatment of any kind it's got to feel nice and clean, don't you agree? We've all been to a local swimming pool where you can see mildew in the grout between the tiles and it just puts you right off. The Massage Company was clean. I was happy... box ticked!

I filled in the relevant forms and specified where I feel tension/pain (shoulders… always the shoulders). And then I was met by Veronika who was going to be massaging me today. She asked if I would like some essential oils used and explained which ones help with which issue. I love this kind of attention to detail. We talked through the form and areas of concern I wanted to focus on. The Massage Company offer four different types of massage– Deep Tissue, Maternity for those of you are pregnant, Sport and Swedish. You can also add extras as well – including aromatherapy and hot stones. I was left alone to get down to my pants and get under some warm sheets on a warm bed (FYI the bed is HEATED! I could’ve laid there for days, no lie).

Once I was on the warm bed, each body part was taken care of. Veronika massaged areas of my legs I didn’t know I had… my back was relieved of so many knots… I literally felt all that tension melting away. I had asked in my form for her to apply firm pressure, and she made sure I was comfortable with the pressure before continuing, which was great. Sometimes in these situations you don’t feel you can comment or ask “Could you just go a little harder” and there is nothing worse than a weak massage. This was just right! Veronika even mentioned she’d never had a client relax so much. I just gave her all my body weight when working on my arms and legs. I think I replied with a dribble and a half smile as I was slowly drifting off to a better place…

I am all about the detail, and another thing I found brilliant was the temperature of the room and the music. Both so important when having a treatment. The room was warm but not boiling hot and the music low enough just to lull me into a sense of relaxation. Another thumbs up.

An hour had passed quicker than lightning, and I was asked to slowly rouse and when ready to sit up, have some water and pat my face with a hot towel. I felt beyond relaxed, I really did. Getting off the bed and putting my clothes back on genuinely made me feel sad. Could I not stay on this heated bed just for another hour and have it all over again? Or maybe just sleep uninterrupted perhaps?

Afterwards I headed into the local town. That’s another great thing about The Massage Company, they are located right in Camberley town opposite the train and bus station and have car parking spaces behind the building. You couldn’t get closer to the commutable links and it’s right in the centre, so I had to treat myself to a post massage smoothie in Bills where I didn’t look at my phone once… I just stared dreamily outside for a good half hour in my post-massage haze.

To find out more, become a member or claim your introductory offer available at The Massage Company click here. You won't be disappointed.

Disclosure- I have been working with The Massage Company to review their services however all opinions on my experience are my own.