Toddlers are lucky little so and so's aren't they? They get fed, they play all day, pretty much get away with murder and can get as messy as they want, when they want! A toddlers day can pretty much be bliss if you throw in a nap (and excuse the odd tantrum or six...)


I am usually awoken around 6am, maybe 6:30am if I am lucky, to the wonderful sound of my son grumbling and moaning as he rises or sometimes singing which I find way too adorable. Lately, since sleeping in a proper bed, he’s taken to shoving his bottle, his blanket and his duvet down the sides. He then continues to stress out that they are down the side and that he now can’t reach them #toddlerlogic. This forces me out of bed as it’s not much fun laying there trying to drift back to sleep for an extra five minutes when all you can hear is “Oh no… oh no daddy!!” repeatedly... 

We wake up, have a cuddle, do his nappy, head downstairs for some milk and pop on CBeebies when Teletubbies is usually on around 7am. Sometimes I get sofa cuddles for a good fifteen minutes where I use the opportunity to down my morning coffee to bring me back to life.


Shortly after this, he will poop. Like clockwork. Every. Single. Day. I feel this will make potty training easier knowing when he decides to run to the curtain and hide, he’s having a no.2. So we sort that out, clean ourselves up and it’s then onto breakfast. By this point my husband has usually come downstairs showered and ready for the day (we have this weekday routine nailed to precision, we know our roles and we stick to them… oh god, how boring does that sound?). I prep his breakfast, get him sat at the table and most days he’ll scoff the lot asking for more yogurt and raspberries while I sit there with him finishing the dregs of my morning coffee (far too early for me to eat). I then tag out of ‘downstairs duty’, head upstairs, shower and get dressed for work.


Time to brush those teeth and was that face, which he is such a good boy for. Followed by getting changed and ready for nursery. But if it's a non-nursery day I don’t get him changed at all as it’s a day he’s at home with dadda. They can both lay around in their PJs for a little longer once I have gone to work. (Not jealous at all…)


As i head off to work, his day doesn’t stop. If it’s nursery, then it’s play time. For six whole hours. He gets up to so much more than we would ever be able to plan/create at home. They go on farm walks (his nursery is located on a farm in a tiny little village nearby), painting, making biscuits, water play, dancing, story time…  he is literally having a whale of a time three days a week! 

I learnt within the first week of him being at nursery though not to send him in his best clothes. THE MESS he can come home in. I had heard about this from other parents of course… but I didn’t know it’d be that true. I mean, on Tuesday his keyworker had the kids playing with shaving foam and glitter. Don’t get me wrong, I love it! And i rather they do it there at nursery than on my rug at home, but jeez… the clothes come back stained to high hell! I secretly like the days he’s at home with us when I know we won’t get him completely covered in crap… just his lunch and dinner maybe. These are the days I can put him in the his (my) favourite leggings... that cost far too much for a few months wear!


So after the fun of a day at nursery or a day with dad, there’s usually a nap involved somewhere and then I am home from work just as he's finishing his dinner. Or if he's having one of those days where everything you put I front of him is a "No, no daddy...", he'll probably be just snacking away...


We play, we chill, I might let him go nappy-less an hour before the bath just to allow him to get used to having to hold it in/have the sensation of no nappy. Does this really help? Hmm… not so far. 


Bath time is always fun and we catch up, which is basically me asking him questions about his day and him ignoring me and splashing water all over me. He has all the wonderful bath toys in the world but he prefers an empty mouthwash bottle, naturally. Bath time is swiftly followed by getting in his pyjamas which all warm from being on the radiator and then we get in bed together, have a little bit of milk, a story (or three) and it’s then time for the land of nod.




Daddy heads downstairs, ready to start all the chores, try to fit in a workout and then have some dinner… ready to do it aaaaaall again tomorrow.

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