So many changes, no time to keep up with them. Call me crazy, but I’ll miss my little boy wearing nappies.

He potty trained himself within a day or two and amazed us all. At the same time, he suddenly was dry at night too. I couldn’t believe it! Especially as he had been waking up soaking every morning for well over a year. We couldn’t figure out how or why… he was wearing a nappy but he’d be soaked through to his pyjamas. I think it could’ve been the way he lays at night making a gap in the nappy or something? Who knows... But it became quite the norm to have to clean and change him first thing.

So the fact he was dry at night, literally overnight, was just brilliant. We have still been putting his night-time nappy on just in case he did do a wee in the night. Plus we had a good amount left over from the last batch of nappies nanny supplied us with. But each morning he was waking up with nothing in there and heading to the loo to let out a nice big wee. He has this nailed. So at the weekend we just decided it was time for pants at night.

I didn’t think about it on the first night as it was all new. But on the second evening of putting him in his pants and PJs, it hit me that I’ll probably never do his nappy again. Laying him down, wiping him clean and popping a fresh nappy on. Yes, it’s sometimes gross and stinky… but to me it was something he needed me for. Now, all of the sudden, we won’t do that again. And I didn’t saviour, nor can I remember, that last evening nappy (that sounds a little crazy, i know!) It’s such a routine. Every night after a bath I’d lay him down, we’d sing songs and put on his nappy. Now, we get out the bath and get changed into his pyjamas. Just like that, it changes again. He's growing.

I know I must sound nuts missing putting my baby in nappies and I am so proud he has nailed being dry overnight. I guess it’s just a reminder that he’s constantly changing. Which I also love and thrive on. What will it be next? He no longer needs a hand brushing his teeth? He doesn’t need me to bathe him? He already tells me “Daddy go now...” when he’s using the loo and he gets it in all in the bowl absolutely fine! Little Mr Independent.

Not only that but we removed the stair gates the other day too. He popped upstairs on his own earlier, used the toilet and flushed it. I had to stop for a minute and think "Who on earth is that man upstairs?!" Another thing that's changed (but i think may return one day) is the morning routine. He's up so early these days that i don't get a chance to say "Morning..." through the door and go into him. Come morning time (the exact time changes daily!) he's jumping out of bed and running into our room. But i kind of think in a few years we'll have a lazy bones on our hands and i'll get to creep in and wake him up again.

I couldn’t be prouder of him. He's changing at a crazy speed. When all these 'lasts' start occurring i bet this is also around the time many parents start thinking about having a second… we seem to forget the fear and demands of a baby who then becomes a toddler and evolves into a pre-schooler. Who knows. One thing i do know? Nanny will miss buying the nappies...