Being a dad. It's quite possibly the most amazingly rewarding thing I will ever do. The rise of social media and instagram has meant dads can come together so much easier than ever before compared to previous generations. And I love that!

The Dad Network is a brilliant team of parents, headed up by Al Ferguson, that offers support, advice and camaraderie amongst dads. It's brilliant and clearly so needed based on it's ever growing popularity. Dads have feelings too and dads want to talk about them. This group is helping us do that.

So what is Dadcon? It is a day for dads to come together and attend seminars and talks on all things parenting, fitness, finance and even sex post-kids (thanks to the wonderful Sex Doctor, Karen Gurney) in London's Sony Music House. It was such a great opportunity to see my fellow dads, have a drink (or three) and catch up.


The day finished off with the hilarious Sam Avery, The Learner Parent, and then we headed out for dinner and drinks. Thanks again Al and Jen and all who took part in making it such a brilliant day! Looking forward to the same time next year...