So, we it's now three weeks til we head off to our Portugal villa holiday with James Villas! And the weather last couple weeks in the UK has got us more than ready… it’s been scorching! We received this box of goodies for when we're there and I for one am most excited about the inflatable watermelon! 


We are heading off to Casa Sol Nascente in the Algarve and we’re lucky enough to know the area really well since we’ve stayed in the Algarve for over a decade thanks to a close friend having a house there. It’s beautiful there and I genuinely prefer the food, the lifestyle and just the general vibe to anywhere else. There’s something about the Algarve… 

So how do I get holiday ready with a four-year-old? We’ve been abroad three times already with Kai, so I feel like we might have this part nailed. I just split the suitcase down the two sides which instantly limits me to one side. But I have also realised I massively over packed before now. I had a whole case to fill, so of course I did! But I can easily fit all my stuff into one, maybe one and a half sides if I can squeeze Kai’s in…

Our summer wardrobes did us well in Majorca already this year and I don’t think many things need updating. Maybe Kai will need some more ‘throw away’ plain white tees from Primark, they’re £1.30 each. Amazing! For me, my holiday style has really simplified over the years. I do like choice when I am away, so I can’t pack just 7 tees, some shirts and shorts. I need a little more than that. BUT the good thing about a villa holiday is the fact we’ll be able to do some washing whilst we’re there. I could even do a load before coming home so we have zero washing once we’re back. You know you’re a parent when that actually makes you happy…


The journey will be wonderfully full of a four-year-old wanting to touch every button and not have his seatbelt done up. But once we get over the initial tantrum and us doing the ‘parent voice’ under our breaths so that no one in front or behind can hear we’ll be landing before we know it. 

Once we land and pick up the car we’ll probably head to a mall we absolutely love, it’s called Algarve Shopping, and we love it there! We can stock up on some goodies, beach toys and enough food to last us a few days. This mall is like no other we’ve been to… it’s all outdoors, the colours, the architecture. It has everything including a park for the kids.  I wonder if Kai will remember it from last year?

When we get to the villa and we’re settled we’ll no doubt enjoy a pool/beach day or two and we’re going to have to head to Zoo Marina at some point. I just can’t wait for us three to experience a different kind of holiday together. We’ve done the all-inclusive and will probably do many more, but something excites me about being away from all of that. Being able to wake up and have our own breakfast. Have the pool all to ourselves. Eat at the local cafes and peri peri chicken restaurants (REAL peri peri, trust me, Nandos doesn’t compare). I can’t wait. And I must admit, it’ll be nice for Kai to not have to share the pool and all his toys for the week. Yes he loved making holiday friends in Majorca but I also think he’ll love to have our undivided attention and no one to fight with ;-)

The countdown begins… Keep an eye out for all the holiday spam!