This past weekend, 8th & 9th September 2018, fourteen dads got together in a country manor house in the heart of Wiltshire for some down time, bonding, drinking, dancing and hopefully a little bit of a lay in! We had some FANTASTIC brands supporting our weekend including Mercedes getting us there and back safe and sound. It gave us the chance to truly relax and enjoy ourselves which was like a dream come true. Thank you to everyone involved!


When I started instagram and the blog I genuinely never knew it would lead to some amazing friendships being built outside of my circle I already have. I haven’t ever really had any ‘dad friends’. The majority of my friends are ladies and whilst I love that it is true what they say, there’s nothing like being around chaps in a similar position to you. Dads who are passionate about raising our kids and the digital world we live in.


What started as an ‘instadads’ thing has grown for us all. We all come from different walks of life, have different stories to tell and a different number of kids to throw into the mix (the crazy ones with FOUR kids… Alex and Joel!)

But what I value most about this group, as well as the camaraderie and support we can give each other, is how I am not a ‘gay dad’ with them. I’m just one of them. A dad. A friend. A mate. I’m no different to them and they show that in how we are together. If you asked me a few years ago , before I was a dad, if you thought i’d have a bunch of men i’d call on for a chat/banter/support, I probably would’ve said “not likely”… but here we are. And I am so grateful.

Friendships have been made and I can’t wait til the next time we get together. But this time can we all promise to go to bed at 9pm and actually get a decent nights sleep, yeh?


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